An easy way to give thanks online

Receive tips instantly from followers directly to your pocket, without third parties involved. Give fans a new way to show appreciation for your work.

Scan and send digital cash

Experience the easiest and fastest way to say thanks in the Internet. Fans do not need to register, type credit card information or any other tedious procedure. For supporters to send a tip they just need to scan a QR code with their Dash Wallet App and they are done!

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Download the app

The Dash Wallet App can be found in Google Play or in the App store.

setup the acc

Customize your page and enter your DASH wallet address.

All done!

You can now start sharing your own TMD url to recieve tips in Dash and connect with others.

Anyone can join, Dash is permissionless

No annoying procedures, start experience the freedom of crypto and connecting with other Dashers. Spend and make passive income with high yields as soon as you receive tips.